The voluntary return can help you get there.

Fedasil organises and finances your return journey. And we examine with you if we can give you any additional support.

Any questions? We can answer them!

  1. What is a voluntary return?

    It is a return to your country of origin. And it is you who makes the decision to leave. The journey is the same as that for ordinary passengers. The authorities are not informed before your arrival. You are always free to decide not to leave.

  2. How can I apply for a voluntary return?

    You can contact one of the many contact points in Belgium, talk about it with your social worker, or call the toll-free number 0800 327 45.

  3. Who will organise my return?

    Fedasil is responsible for coordinating the voluntary return programme. The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) organises the return by plane – or by bus for Balkan countries. The IOM and Caritas International are in charge of assistance after arrival.

  4. Do I have to pay?

    No, you do not have to pay: Fedasil pays for the plane or bus ticket, as well as for transport to the airport or the station. You have to collect your own travel document at the consulate and you will receive a refund for it when you leave.

  5. How much luggage can I take with me?

    You must comply with the airline or bus companies' luggage restrictions: do not exceed the number of bags per person, or the maximum weight. Therefore, you have to limit yourself!

  6. Is the journey accompanied?

    Yes, on departure in Belgium, a person from the IOM greets you and gives you your plane ticket and any allowance, and accompanies you to the border checkpoint. If you want and if possible, another person will be there upon arrival in your home country. You will be asked to carry a IOM plastic bag so that you can be recognised.

  7. Life is not easy in my country; what support can I receive?

    We work with local partners in your country who can help you with your reintegration. This may involve setting up your own business, covering your medical costs, supporting your employment. This assistance is not granted to everybody, each case is different. Please ask your contact person in order to know which type of assistance you can get. Also, a return allowance is generally provided before departure.